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We are a mining local company registered and located here in LUBUMBASHI CONGO with branches located in TANZANIA,KENYA,ZAMBIA,UGANDA & SOUTH AFRICA

We have long experience and specialized in the supply of GOLD,COPPER CATHODE,ROUGH DIAMONDS and COLTAN/TANTALITE, we can supply to buyers world-wide. All our products are produced and mined by us, we are the direct supplier for all our products and we sale our products at a very reasonable price.

The company has 2 small scale Gold mining sites in Orientale province and buys more Gold from other local mining communities in order to increase our quantities of Gold and satisfy our customer demands.

The company’s near-term objective is to continue to develop its small scale alluvial mines and, over time, develop into large scale alluvial and hard rock mines to become one of Congo’s largest gold producers.

The company has close ties with local mineral miners in Congo and is actively working on partnerships to help all of Congo’s small scale miners create prosperous projects that will benefit the Congolese economy. AKIBA MINING SARL has a committed concern for the local people and environment and has committed to investment in the local communities.

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